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Events / Parties

Whatever your event is- a Dj can make the difference between a gathering and a party! Host your party right!

Professional Dj services at your party shows your guests that you took the time to book quality entertainment for your event or party. An entertained guest is a happy guest! 🙂

A&R / Artist Development

Dj Lucky Luck and his team has been working A&R with several major record labels, artists, and music industry executives for over a decade. Artist branding/marketing and development are among the services we offer the growing artist.

Get in contact with us today so we can get your music in front of the proper audiences.

Let's Get You Discovered!


Are you an emerging artist looking to get your music spread like a wildfire? A mixtape puts you in front of your audience while you're working on your album.

Not an artist? Just a music lover? Mixtapes are a great music service pack to have providing you with popular tracks from various artist mixed down.

Web Design

Not Just A Dj! Building a great brand is important. In today's world a website is a requirement. An artist website is your online resume to your music.

With over 20 years expertise in designing and building websites and a handful of certifications and degrees in Computer Science our team can get your brand online in no time!


Do you have a talent that needs to be captured? Let's talk! Your musical masterpiece can’t make it to the big league if you leave it behind. We have relationships with studios, beat producers and other artist to collab with.

Contact us today and we can get you in to the studio and get your next hit recorded tomorrow!

Internet Marketing

So you have an artist website... But what next? Your website can be the coolest, flashiest website but what if no one sees it? How do you get people to see it? The answer is to market it. A website need proper structure and marketing to make it successful. What's the point is spending a ton of money on a website that no one sees?

Interested In Taking Your Talent Further?...

Contact us today so we can set up your artist development plan!

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